Gift Ideas for the Cozy Lover

I asked y’all on Instagram if y’all would rather see gift ideas for the “beauty lover” or the “cozy lover” and the majority of you voted for the cozy lover! I understand, I loooove my cozies! (Don’t worry though, I will have my beauty gift guide out next week!) I’ve compiled some cozy gifts into the list below for my fellow cozy lovers. I hope y’all enjoy!

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1. I was in Target recently and couldn’t stop touching this robe. It is so so soft!! Honestly anything created by this brand is amazing, I’m obsessed with everything I have from it!

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Leather Leggings: Styled Multiple Ways

I’ve had a few of questions about my Spanx Faux Leather leggings. Personally, I absolutely LOVE them! They hold everything in in all the right places, can be worn many different ways, and are a staple in my closet! I decided to show y’all a few different ways to style them, so if you have pair or are thinking about purchasing them, you can refer back to this for some inspiration!

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Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life

Hello friends! My first gift guide is here!! I wanted to start out my sharing gifts for the women in your life- best friends, moms, sisters, girl friends, whoever! All of these are under $100, most being under $50!

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1. Kendra Scott Necklace: I’m loving this Kendra Scott necklace! It has the classic KS look with the added choker for a more trendy look. See more Kendra Scott gift sets here.

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Affordable Holiday Decor!

Affordable Holiday Decor!

I know what some of you are thinking, it is TOO SOON to be decorating for Christmas! Why is she already sharing holiday decor? I know I know. However, I think that you get the most out of your Christmas decorations the sooner you put them up! Although I haven’t fully decided when I’m going to be putting mine up, I wanted to share some different decorations with y’all! It doesn’t matter when you decide to put up your decor, I know none of us would mind finding some affordable options! Y’all seemed to love when I shared my Fall Decor From Amazon post, so I put together some nice options for this holiday season as well!

1. Affordable Tree Options. I haven’t 100% committed to putting a tree up in our apartment yet, but if I do, these are the two I’m picking between! The one on the left is a bit wider and the right is a skinnier option. They both come in different size and color options. Both are super affordable as well!

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It’s Time to Save Money on Your Favorite Beauty Products!

*Cue Music* “Its the most wonderful time of the year…!” Well friends, it truly is. I’m talking about the Sephora Holiday Bonus Event!! This event only happens a couple times a year, and with this event, you are able to save money on all your favorite beauty products (SAY WHAAAAT?!)!! I know. SO exciting!

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Recipe: Pumpkin Chili

Hello friends! I’m coming at y’all with another recipe tonight- this one is fall inspired and SO GOOD! (I’ve had it three times since I made it if that says anything at all). There’s been a slight cold front come through Texas recently, and when its cold out I love cooking the “cozy” type foods! I always think of soups, chilis, and crockpot meals. Stefan has a super delicious chili recipe (I’ll have to share that sometime!), so he usually makes the chili. However, I wanted to switch it up a bit and try a pumpkin chili! This recipe is super easy and even more delicious, it’s definitely one that’s going to be saved in our house!

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