Beauty Products I’m Taking With Me Into the Next Decadeđź’‹

Y’all. I truly cannot believe today is the last day of 2019! The year as been one of the best. I moved to a new city, met some amazing people here in Austin, started my blog, traveled, learned to cook (somewhat), and am truly happy with where God has me right now.

When thinking about what I wanted to write for today’s post (aka my last post of the decade), this actually wasn’t my first choice. I thought about talking New Year’s resolutions (do y’all do those? I actually haven’t written any this year. <– Still might do a post on this), my specific goals, y’alls favorite finds throughout the year, this list could go on! BUT I decided on this one because I think it’s super beneficial. I get questions all the time on my favorite beauty products, so I wanted to break it down and tell y’all which ones are coming with me into 2020.

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It’s Time to Save Money on Your Favorite Beauty Products!

*Cue Music* “Its the most wonderful time of the year…!” Well friends, it truly is. I’m talking about the Sephora Holiday Bonus Event!! This event only happens a couple times a year, and with this event, you are able to save money on all your favorite beauty products (SAY WHAAAAT?!)!! I know. SO exciting!

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Everyday Summer Makeup Routine

Everyday Summer Makeup Routine

Today I am going superrr in depth about my summer makeup routine! I did a tutorial on my IG stories over this routine, but I wanted to go over the types of products, the shade names, and just go more in depth than I did on stories. If you are interested in watching that tutorial, I have it saved on my Instagram profile highlights under “Dewy Makeup Tut”!

SPF: It doesn’t matter where I’m going or what the weather is like, I never skip this step. SPF is sooo important and in 20+ years, you will thank your younger self for starting to apply SPF. This is the one I use, I love it because it is a mineral sunscreen and it doesn’t break my sensitive skin out. It also doesn’t have a thick or weird texture, and it doesn’t change how products apply over top of it.

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