Beauty Products I’m Taking With Me Into the Next Decade💋

Y’all. I truly cannot believe today is the last day of 2019! The year as been one of the best. I moved to a new city, met some amazing people here in Austin, started my blog, traveled, learned to cook (somewhat), and am truly happy with where God has me right now.

When thinking about what I wanted to write for today’s post (aka my last post of the decade), this actually wasn’t my first choice. I thought about talking New Year’s resolutions (do y’all do those? I actually haven’t written any this year. <– Still might do a post on this), my specific goals, y’alls favorite finds throughout the year, this list could go on! BUT I decided on this one because I think it’s super beneficial. I get questions all the time on my favorite beauty products, so I wanted to break it down and tell y’all which ones are coming with me into 2020.

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Lets Talk About At-Home Teeth Whitening.

Many of us have tried it, and I’m sure many have use haven’t LOVED our experience of at-home teeth whitening. I was the same way. That was until I tried Smile Brilliant’s take on teeth whitening.

When Smile Brilliant first reached out to me in regards to trying out their at-home teeth whitening kit, I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical. I’ve tried teeth whitening at home, and I haven’t always been a huge fan. After doing my research on the brand and reading all the great reviews, I decided to give it a try for myself.

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American Eagle Try On – Everyday Pieces All Under $25

I am so excited to share these American Eagle pieces with y’all! Mainly because they are all SO CUTE, but also because they’re all on MAJOR SALE! When I say they’re on major sale, I mean that they are actually on MAJOR MAJOR SALE. I found them on clearance and then at an additional 70% off of that price! Plus these are just some great pieces to add to your closet.

Y’all know I love pieces that I can wear interchangeably with many different items, and these pieces are JUST that!

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Affordable NYE Outfits ✨

HAPPY MONDAY (aka 2 days before Christmas)!! I wanted to share some ideas for New Year’s Eve outfits (but these can obviously be worn elsewhere). Honestly, the New Year has snuck up on me this year!! I know I’m a little late to the game to share some outfits, but I figured there may be some out there that are like me and have let NYE sneak up on them too!!

So, if you are in need of a festive outfit, look no further! I have put together a list of 15 items including dresses, tops, and pants as well as a few ideas on how to style them. I hope this is super helpful!!

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Send a Thoughtful Gift for Under $15

Amongst the craziness of the holidays, it can be easy to get caught up in the shopping, prepping, and everything in between! I wanted to share an easy way to send a super thoughtful and inexpensive gift to your friends and loved ones to let them know your thinking of them, even if you’re unable to see them during the crazy holiday season.

Hallmark Good Mail Cards

I sent each of my friends a Hallmark Good Mail Card with a hand written note inside to let them know I was thinking of them and to wish them a wonderful Holiday Season! Writing a note and sending it to a loved one is very thoughtful, and they are able to hang on to it and think of you each time they see it. These cards are super cute and come in a variety of prints/options.

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NYC 2019

If you’ve been following along on Instagram stories, you know I just got back from New York City yesterday. I went with my mom and sister and we had the most amazing girls trip (we’re already planning our trip back next year LOL)! I thought it would be fun to share the places we hit- including restaurants, shows, “touristy” areas, etc. for any of you planning a trip, and also so I will have this to refer back to on trips for years to come hahah.

FOR THE FOODIES – as I’m sitting here eating my spicy lentil wrap (although very yummy) I am reaaaally missing the delicious meals we had during our trip!

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