Send a Thoughtful Gift for Under $15

Amongst the craziness of the holidays, it can be easy to get caught up in the shopping, prepping, and everything in between! I wanted to share an easy way to send a super thoughtful and inexpensive gift to your friends and loved ones to let them know your thinking of them, even if you’re unable to see them during the crazy holiday season.

Hallmark Good Mail Cards

I sent each of my friends a Hallmark Good Mail Card with a hand written note inside to let them know I was thinking of them and to wish them a wonderful Holiday Season! Writing a note and sending it to a loved one is very thoughtful, and they are able to hang on to it and think of you each time they see it. These cards are super cute and come in a variety of prints/options.

I threw in a pair of fuzzy Christmas socks from Target, because who doesn’t love fuzzy socks?! Again, each time they wear the socks, they will think of you! I picked these up from Target for $3 a piece, and they’re very soft and cozy.

I put the card and socks in a manilla envelope and sent them off to my besties for a sweet surprise! Although I would love to see each of them this holiday season, I’m excited for them to receive a cute little card and some fuzzy socks!

This can be sent anytime throughout the year! This idea is not limited to the holiday season, as Hallmark has many different options aside from holiday options.

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