Gift Ideas for the Cozy Lover

I asked y’all on Instagram if y’all would rather see gift ideas for the “beauty lover” or the “cozy lover” and the majority of you voted for the cozy lover! I understand, I loooove my cozies! (Don’t worry though, I will have my beauty gift guide out next week!) I’ve compiled some cozy gifts into the list below for my fellow cozy lovers. I hope y’all enjoy!

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1. I was in Target recently and couldn’t stop touching this robe. It is so so soft!! Honestly anything created by this brand is amazing, I’m obsessed with everything I have from it!

2. I’ve heard so many good things about this weighted blanket!! I’ve never had one but I’m thinking about adding it to my christmas list lol! This is the perfect gift for the cozy lover!

3. You can never go wrong with a pair of cozy socks!

4. Another item I was in awe of during my recent Target run. SO SOFT and cute! I’ve found my next pair of slippers!

5. This nightgown is so soft and cozy!

6. These are the slippers I currently have and I LOVE them! They are so soft and come in multiple colors!

7. This beanie is so dang cute!! I will 100% be purchasing this soon! It also comes in many other patterns!

8. This blanket has GREAT reviews! If you’re looking for a good blanket for yourself/to gift but aren’t looking to spend as much on the barefoot dreams blanket, here is a good option!

9. A silk sleep mask – an easy stocking stuffer for the cozy lover!

10. I know I’ve shared 3 pairs of slippers in this post, but I just couldn’t help myself! These are the same brand as the bootie slippers I shared above, so they are super super soft!

I’d love to know what you plan on getting the “cozy lover” in your life! Y’all know I love my cozies so please share your ideas with me!

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