Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

Okay everyone, I know shopping for the men in your life can be a bittttt challenging!! I put together a little gift guide to hopefully make it somewhat easier! I hope y’all enjoy!

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1. This wallet has great reviews and is just $30!

2. Stefan has this beanie and wears it all the time, especially now that its been colder recently! Its so warm and cozy, plus its under $20 and comes in many colors!

3. I wanted to find a nice yet affordable watch option, and this is the one! This is water resistant and very durable. Under $100!

4. I looove this pullover! (Kinda want one for myself lol). It looks SO warm and cozy, and its at a great price! It also comes in a navy option.

5. These joggers are the only item that aren’t under $100, but they are great quality, so soft, and will last SO long- so I think they are 100% worth the money! They come in multiple color options.

6. This is one of my FAVORITE colognes. It smells so so good. Little backstory about how I found out about this cologne (if anyone cares)- when I was working at Kendra Scott, one of my coworkers came in everyday smelling AMAZING, and at the end of his shift he would still smell just as amazing. I asked him what he was wearing at it was this cologne! I immediately went to Nordstrom with Stefan to smell it on him. It is SO. GOOD.

7. These slippers look just like Uggs but are a fraction of the price! They have great reviews and are a great price as well!

8. Stefan has been talking about this yeti mug for a while now, so I knew I had to include it on this gift guide! It comes in multiple color options and is under $30.

9. These sunglasses are great quality and are only $55!

Let me know what your plan on getting the men in your life down below, I would love to know!!

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