Affordable Holiday Decor!

I know what some of you are thinking, it is TOO SOON to be decorating for Christmas! Why is she already sharing holiday decor? I know I know. However, I think that you get the most out of your Christmas decorations the sooner you put them up! Although I haven’t fully decided when I’m going to be putting mine up, I wanted to share some different decorations with y’all! It doesn’t matter when you decide to put up your decor, I know none of us would mind finding some affordable options! Y’all seemed to love when I shared my Fall Decor From Amazon post, so I put together some nice options for this holiday season as well!

1. Affordable Tree Options. I haven’t 100% committed to putting a tree up in our apartment yet, but if I do, these are the two I’m picking between! The one on the left is a bit wider and the right is a skinnier option. They both come in different size and color options. Both are super affordable as well!

2. Holiday Themed Mugs. Obviously I couldn’t post this without including mugs (even though they’re not decor). I mean how cute are these?! The “Merry and Bright” mug comes in a few different options, and the “I Believe in Santa” mug even has a pocket on the side to hold a cookie (OMG!). These would also make great gift options!

3. Gold Candle Holders. These candle holders would look beautiful along a dinner table, on a coffee table as a centerpiece, or alone as they twinkle beautifully due to the metallic finish! They also come in silver.

4. Table Runners. Am I the only one who doesn’t think about table runners until the holidays? Probably so lol. Anyways, I thought these two were great affordable options. I wanted to share both depending on the type of decor you prefer. This gold one has a beautiful sequin mesh, also comes in silver or red, and is only $22. This plaid one comes in a ton of color options + size options, and is on sale for $11.

5. Holiday Themed Pillow Cases. How CUTE are these?! There are a few options, I had a hard time choosing which ones are my favorite (the leopard was the ultimate deciding factor though)!

6. Holiday Themed Dish Towels. I had to share both of these dish towels because it depends I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. The set of three are $16 and have a lot of options as well! The “Getting Lit” dish towel (LOL) is currently under $10!

7. Gold Place Mats. I love the design of these placemats! These come in a pack of 6 for $15, and also have other color options as well.

I hope this served as some sort of holiday inspiration to you, whether you’re decorating now or later! I’d love to know if you decide to decorate with any of these items!

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