It’s Time to Save Money on Your Favorite Beauty Products!

*Cue Music* “Its the most wonderful time of the year…!” Well friends, it truly is. I’m talking about the Sephora Holiday Bonus Event!! This event only happens a couple times a year, and with this event, you are able to save money on all your favorite beauty products (SAY WHAAAAT?!)!! I know. SO exciting!

Since Sephora rarely does sales, I 100% recommend taking advantage of this and stocking up on your favorite products, Christmas gifts, or even trying out something new. Sephora has a great return policy (60 days with the receipt, even if the product has been opened/tried), so this is a great time to try that product you’ve had your eyes on!

I wanted to put a list of my favorite products together, from skincare to makeup, as well as a few items I have my eyes on. I’ve also listed the dates of the sale below. If you are unsure of your Sephora Beauty Insider status, I highly recommend going to check ASAP!! It is free to join, and you earn points every time you purchase something from Sephora!


  • Rouge: 20% off November 1 – 11
  • VIB Rouge: 15% off November 7 – 11
  • Insider: 10% off November 7 – 11
  • All members use code HOLIDAYSAVE


1. Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette – I use this palette for many reasons! I mainly use the bottom left shade to contour my cheeks and nose. I use the top middle shade under my eyes to brighten them and it makes a HUGE difference. I also use the browns as eye shadow and will use the bottom middle shade as bronzer every now and then. There are a variety of uses for this palette, and each shade is individually refillable, so you don’t have to worry about buying a whole new palette when you’ve used up one shade (which is sooo nice)!

2. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lip – This is a liquid lipstick with an AMAZING formula. It lasts quite some time and is not drying on the lips at all. I personally love the shade “perla”.

3. Lancome Cils Booster XL – If you’ve followed me for a while, you know how much I LOVE this! This is a primer to use before your mascara. It lengthens + thickens my lashes so dang much! I highly highly recommend.

4. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation – When I use a liquid foundation, this is the one I reach for! It is full coverage, but not cakey at all.

5. Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette – Of the products I’ve mentioned, this is the only one I don’t personally own (just want to be honest with y’all)! BUT I’ve swatched and played with it in store, and let me tell you that it is absolutely beautiful!! If you are a nude girl, you will love this! It comes 3 color tones- this one is “nude medium”.

6. Laneige Water Bank Moister Cream – I’ve been using this moisturizer for over a month now and I love it. It’s a lightweight moisturizer but is still super hydrating. Personally, I dislike moisturizers that feel heavy on the skin. For so long, I was using the Tatcha Water Cream and I am so obsessed with that one! It is just a bit pricey at the moment lol! I have found that this Laneige one is the most comparable to the Tatcha one.

7. Summer Fridays Jet Leg Mask – This is such a good hydrating mask (wearing it as I’m typing this)! My skin has been getting a little more dry with this colder weather, so I’ll pop this on my skin and it will feel so much better. This is a mask that you can leave on to let your skin soak in all the benefits, or remove after about 10 or so minutes. I usually just leave it on unless I have somewhere to be!

8. Living Proof Restore Instant Protection Spray – This is by far my favorite heat protectant! I love it because it’s an aerosol spray. You 100% want to be using some sort of heat protectant if you aren’t already before blowdrying, curling, or applying any heat to your hair!

9. Coola Classic SPF – My all time favorite sunscreen for my face. I have tried so so many other sunscreens that either break me out, feel heavy on my skin, don’t apply well under makeup, the list goes on and on. I LOVE THIS ONE. Plus it is clean at Sephora.

10. Belif Moisturizing Eye Balm – This is another product that if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve probably heard about! I’ve been using this for a while, and thats because its so hydrating under they eyes. It is never too early or late to start taking care of your skin! I always recommend this eye cream.

I hope this was helpful for y’all! What are y’all shopping for in the sale? Let me know down below! If y’all have any questions about the sale or any products feel free to comment them down below or shoot me a message on Instagram (kyliemckinnon_)! I always love hearing from y’all!

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