Fall Decor from Amazon

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Fall! My absolute favorite time of the year. Football, sweaters + booties, and cooler weather. Well, if you live in Texas, we haven’t *officially* hit that point yet, but I am still getting in full Fall mode! Since I can’t fully dress for Fall without sweating my booty off, I have slowly started to decorate my apartment for fall. My favorite places to shop for decor are Target, Amazon, and Home Goods! I also found some super cute mini pumpkins and a few other small items at Trader Joe’s, believe it or not! I thought I would share some of the decorations from Amazon if you’re decorating for Fall!

1.Cotton Stems: If you’re wanting to switch up your florals but you don’t want to opt for the regular faux flowers, I think these are a great option for Fall! It is a pack of 3 for $11.

2. Wooden Sign: This sign is so simple and cute! There are other options available, and you can custom make one if you want!

3. Kitchen Towel Set: I love switching out my kitchen towels for the season. These are perfect since you can obviously use them during the Fall season, and the plaid towel will work past the Fall too!

4. Hello Pumpkin Door Mat: I am obsessed. There’s not really anything else to say besides that lol!

5. Pumpkins: If you’re on the search for pumpkins but not the “traditional” looking pumpkins, these are a great option as they have more of a rustic look! (which I loooove!)

6. Flowers: I love the sunflowers in these faux flowers! This is a pack of 6.

7. Burlap Pumpkins: These might be my favorite pumpkins that I’ve found. I love the natural wooden stem and the different sizes of them as well!

8. Pillow Cases: These pillow cases are adorable. They come in MULTIPLE colors and are such a fair price!

I would love to know how you plan to decorate for Fall down below!

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