Amazon Fashion Haul

Coming at y’all again with another Amazon haul! I asked y’all on my Instagram stories where y’all liked to shop, and a bunch of you said Amazon! (Be sure you’re following me @kyliemckinnon_ so you don’t miss out on all that fun stuff!)

This Amazon haul has a lot of fall transition clothing as well as a lot of comfy + cozy clothing (y’all know I’m all about that!). Be sure to let me know your faves down below!

Obviously I had to talk about this cardigan first! I mean how adorable is it?! I’ll be honest, when I saw it was ONLY $29.99 I was a little worried about the quality. But I’ll be honest again, the quality + material is GREAT. It’s a nice, thick material that is perfect for the upcoming months! I’m wearing a size small.

My leggings are also an Amazon find. They are nice and high-waisted which I love. They also hold your tummy in which is just fabulous.

They are a great fit majority of the way down, but I recommend if you have smaller ankles to roll them up as they are a tad loose on the ankles (see my Instagram story highlight for more details). I’m wearing a size small.

Sweater // Leggings

These leggings are so good! You may have seen a pair of leggings from Lululemon that are similar, which is why I ordered these. I wanted to compare them! The print is very similar. I will say, these are slightly thinner than the Lulu ones. As far as day-to-day wear + lounging, there definitely wouldn’t be a problem with anything showing through! They are very soft and comfortable. I’m wearing a size medium but I wish I would’ve stuck to my normal size small, so I would recommend ordering your normal size.


This sweater is SO SOFT + COZY. I love the oversized fit. It also has pockets, which is a major plus in my opinion. There are multiple color options as well! I think you could also dress this up a bit if you chose to! I’m wearing a size small and it is naturally oversized.

This sweater tank is one of my favorites from the order! I think it is so great for this time of year. The buttons are functional, so you can unbutton as many as you want or leave them be. There are multiple color options in this. I’m wearing it tucked into high waisted jeans but it is a bit longer which allows for more versatility. I’m wearing a size small.

Another piece that is so so cozy + cute is this sweatshirt! This also comes in a few other color options (the pink is so cute)! I sized up to a LARGE to get this oversized fit and I’m glad I did. This would be perfect for errands, traveling, literally anytime you want to be cute but still comfortable lol!

If you haven’t gotten these biker shorts yet, I have no idea what you’re waiting for! They are SO GOOD. They’re so comfortable + fit great. I’m wearing a size small!

This cardigan just screams fall! I just love the colors. It’s a lightweight material which is also great for this time as we are about to transition into fall. I’m wearing a size small!

That’s all for now y’all! If you want to see/hear more of my Amazon finds, check out my Amazon highlights on my Instagram profile!

Which were your favorites/least favorites? I would love to hear down in the comments!


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