Products From Amazon That I Love

Y’all know I looove shopping on Amazon so I’ve compiled some of my favs here!! Hope y’all love them as much as I do! Down below I’ve included a list of my favorite fashion, lifestyle, and just random finds from Amazon. Be sure to let me know your favorites as well!!

Trust me when I tell you that this laundry detergent smells SO DANG GOOD. My mom ordered me my first bottle of this, and since then, I have been hooked! I don’t go through it crazy fast since I only use it on my sheets but it makes my sheets smell sooo good so I had to mention it!

I looked for a very long time for a beauty blender “dupe” and these are definitely it. They are so soft and they expand when they’re wet. They come in a pack of 5 and are $9!

Face Wash and Face Toner – These two products have helped my skin out so much! I use both at night, and sometimes in the morning (depending on how extreme my workout is!). I love them because you can feel them working. My esthetician recommended these.

I think that these are such a great idea! Call me crazy, but there is so much plastic waste just by the veggie bags at the grocery store! We’ve had our reusable grocery bags for a while now, so I’m glad I found these as well! (Little things can make a big difference!)

I am so thankful for this lol! I use it all the time for my back, stomach, anytime I’m sore, its so great!

I think this laundry basket is so cute! Plus it holds SO much laundry! It comes in other color options as well.

I’m so happy I purchased these slippers! They’re very inexpensive and so so soft!! They come in other colors too!

These barettes come in a pack of 4, are $6, and make any hair day so much cuter!! I love these and think they are adorable.

Every time I wear this kimono I get so many compliments! It comes in a variety of styles + colors as well. I love the versatility of it as well.

I love how lightweight this skirt is. It comes in 3 other colors. You can definitely dress it up or down so it is very versatile!

This fedora has a beachy vibe to it but I’ve worn it with so many things! I’ve added my own twist to it by adding a hair scarf around the rim as well. I think its so cute!

Let me just say I am OBSESSED with these blazers! I have this light pink one and the white one. They are only $23 but look more than that. I will say- I would hang to dry!

I wish so bad that these pillow cases would have worked for us because they are SO CUTE. They come in a pack of 6 and are $36 so they’re very inexpensive!!

I purchased these pillow cases as a better option for my skin and hair. There are multiple color options, they come in a pack of 2, and they are currently on sale for an even better price!

This dress is perfect as we transition into fall! You can wear it now with mules/flats and with boots (seen here) in the cooler days. It comes in other color options as well!

I love the paper bag pant look! These pants come in a ton of other colors and have a removable/adjustable belt.

This top is a staple in my closet!! I can’t wait to style it so many different ways- black jeans (seen here) under cardigans, with a black leather jacket, the list goes on! The style I’m wearing is “Leopard01”.

This dress is another staple in my closet!! It can be styled so many ways, in any type of weather! During cooler months this would look so cute layered. It is a great material, so you can’t see through it at all. It isn’t super tight either. Very impressed!

I’ve worn this belt plenty of times already and I just got it! I love that it is a statement but it isn’t flashy. Both the belt and the buckle come in other colors!

The material on this cardigan is so soft! I think this is a great piece to layer in the office, or just to have on those cooler days. It comes in a variety of colors as well!

This dress is great for the office or an event! It has a slit on the side, but it doesn’t come up too high! It has a removable/adjustable belt. This dress comes in multiple colors and patterns.

This jumpsuit is similar to above in that I think it is great for the office or an event! It also has the removable/adjustable belt and comes in other colors!


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