What I Eat in a Day

Hello hello! Y’all have been requesting a what I eat in a day video so here you go! Down below I’ve listen a few other ideas of what I eat in a day as well. Be sure to let me know your favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas as I’m always looking to try new things!


  • If I’m working out that day I’ll do the protein shake I mentioned in the video. Y’all HAVE to try this!! It tastes just like a chocolate milkshake. Other breakfast ideas I’ll do are chia seed pudding or a gluten free bagel with dairy free cream cheese!


  • This has been my lunch for 3 weeks strait now and I’m still not tired of it! It is soo good.
  • I don’t meal prep dinners but I’ve been meal prepping lunches and this is a great + easy meal prep. I prefer this meal with quinoa instead of brown rice!
  • I’m sure it would be great with many different dressings, this one is one of our go-to favs! We add it on a lot of different recipes.


  • These fish “tacos” were so easy + yummy!
  • The pico was sooo good and I’m glad I made as much as I did to have it to munch on throughout the week.


  • I LOVE having snacks. I feel like you have to have good, healthy snacks in the house because if not, it will make you eat unhealthy!
  • I like to have fruit, different dips/spreads (s/o to Trader Joes), almond butter, rice cakes, hummus, sweet bell peppers, carrots, the list goes on and on lol!


  • I usually have a sweet tooth that I’ll satisfy by eating some fruit, but if I’m still craving something sweet I’ll have some chocolate chips or recently I’ve been having the SoDelicious coconut milk ice cream sandwiches. Also- check out my Instagram highlights under “recipes” and see how I made “healthier” snickers bars– SO GOOD!!


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