Our New Apartment!

Stefan and I have been so excited to move into our first apartment on our own, and the day is finally here! One big reason I’ve been so excited to have a place of our own is that we can decorate the rooms just how we want! I know it’s the people there with you that make a house a home, but I wanted to share with y’all how we decorated our first apartment!

When I thought of the type of vibe I wanted, I was first leaning towards a boho-modern vibe. Stefan didn’t necessarily care, but I knew he wanted a little bit of a farmhouse vibe. So we ended up going with boho-modern decor with touches of farmhouse feels.

My favorite part of the house is 100% our living room! It is so so cozy and home-y and that’s one thing I wanted to ensure we felt when at home. I got a TON of stuff from Home Goods but I will still try to link as much as I can down below!

PoufBlanketPlantCouchCandle HoldersFake CandlesGrey Rug (similar) – End Table/Coffee Table Set
Decorative DomeCandle HoldersFake Candles

Living Room:



RugSilk PillowsLamps


PictureFrameSink Dispensers


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