Same White Top – 4 Different Ways

Pop of Color
White on White
Animal Print
Business Casual

This time of year, I’m allll about white! White dresses, white denim, white tops, all of it! So when I can find pieces like this that I can wear interchangeably with so many different pieces, I get so excited! I picked up this adorable white top back in March, and I’ve had so much fun styling it!

I feel like there’s so many different ways to pair white tops in general, but I love the detail of this one. My favorite part is definitely the sleeves. I mean how cute are they?! I also love that there are slight cutouts in the middle of the shirt, but nothing too crazy and you can’t really tell when the shirt is tucked into high waisted pants/skirts.

As you can see, I’ve worn this top a few different times! I first styled it with a pair if slacks for a more business casual look. I really like how it looks paired with a pop of color or animal print! My favorite way has been the white on white look.

*I wasn’t able to find this exact top anymore, but I asked y’all on my Instagram stories and y’all still wanted to see this post! I’ll link some similar styles here: Shein, J.Crew, Banana Republic, Forever 21, Gap

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