Beach Bag Essentials

Beach bag – similar

I love going to the beach (who doesn’t?) but sometimes worry I’m not packing everything! I’ve put together a list of everything I packed in my beach bag for my trip and I think I’ve rounded up all the necessities!

First I’ll start off by sharing the beach bag I’m using! Mine is from Forever 21, is very inexpensive, great quality, and super cute. It’s a straw material which is perfect for the beach! I couldn’t find my exact one but I’m linking a super similar one (under $25) here.

My beach bag essentials:

  • I had to pack a book! The one I’m currently reading is this one, as y’all know I’m wanting to learn a little more about IF.
  • SPF for face. I brought this one. It is my favorite sunscreen since it is a mineral sunscreen, doesn’t break me out, and is very lightweight.
  • SPF for body. I brought this one because not only does it protect my skin, it also adds an extra glow to my skin!
  • Bug spray. The bugs have been terrible so very thankful for this!
  • Sunglasses, because, duh.
  • Mints.
  • Airpods.
  • Chapstick. I love eos!
  • Beach towels and extra clothes.
  • Easy slip on shoes.
  • Snacks.
  • A cooler with plenty of drinks.
  • Extra ponytail holders.

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