Hair Pieces for Summer

Hair Scarf – similar
Hair Scarf – similar

It’s obvious that headbands, hair scarves, and barrettes are so trendy right now! I’m not gonna lie, I’m loving it. I am NOT someone who can style hair well by any means, so I appreciate anything that will make it a little easier!

The pieces also make it look like you applied a lot more effort than you actually did! An easy hair style that I’ve love doing is a top knot. Wrapping a hair scarf around my top knot makes my hair style look much more put together! The same tip works for messy buns and ponytails too. I picked mine up from Madewell. I couldn’t find the exact one I have, but I linked a similar one!

I LOVE these headbands that I picked up from target! The quality is great and they look like they are more expensive than they are. I was worried that headbands wouldn’t work for me since my hair is so thin and short, but I actually really love the look! If your hair is thin like mine, I would just tease the top behind the headband to give more volume. I picked up this pink one and the black one!

At first, I wasn’t a huge fan of the barrettes . But I decided to order these off of Amazon and give them a try! I’m OBSESSED with the pearls on them and I love how they look in my hair! They come in a pack of 4 and are only $8! I have been wearing these clips more often than not recently. I would highly recommend them if you want to try out some new barrettes as they are not expensive and they are so cute!!

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