Father’s Day Gift Guide

  1. Slippers – Every time I’m home my dad is always wearing slippers, and Stefan won’t walk around the house without having his on! Ugg is a great option, but I’m linking this pair from Amazon with rubber outsoles, great reviews, and are less expensive than Ugg.
  2. Personalized Organizer – This is great for him to have on his nightstand, desk, or end table! Also on clearance.
  3. A Yeti cup
  4. Passport Wallet – This is perfect for someone who travels frequently! It holds a passport, IDs, credit cards, and cash + it’s currently on sale.
  5. His favorite liquor!
  6. A cookbook – perfect if your dad loves to be in the kitchen!
  7. Personalized Travel Kit
  8. Tickets to his favorite sporting event!
  9. Himalayan Salt BBQ plank – Okay, this is new to me, but if your dad loves to grill this will be perfect! There are different ways to use it, but it will add some natural flavor to the food he grills.
  10. Airpods – He may need help setting them up, but after that, he will love them!
  11. French Press – For the dad who loves coffee! Linked an inexpensive one with good reviews from Amazon!

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