Everyday Summer Makeup Routine

Today I am going superrr in depth about my summer makeup routine! I did a tutorial on my IG stories over this routine, but I wanted to go over the types of products, the shade names, and just go more in depth than I did on stories. If you are interested in watching that tutorial, I have it saved on my Instagram profile highlights under “Dewy Makeup Tut”!

SPF: It doesn’t matter where I’m going or what the weather is like, I never skip this step. SPF is sooo important and in 20+ years, you will thank your younger self for starting to apply SPF. This is the one I use, I love it because it is a mineral sunscreen and it doesn’t break my sensitive skin out. It also doesn’t have a thick or weird texture, and it doesn’t change how products apply over top of it.

Moisturizer & Eye Cream: This is another important step to make sure your skin is very hydrated. I have been using this moisturizer for a while now (I’ve gone through about 4/5 tubes), and I really don’t see myself ever changing! It’s so hydrating yet super lightweight. For eye cream, I use this one in the morning to really hydrate and brighten the under eye area.

Primer: There are many different primers out there for different skin types. I have pores in my T-zone, so I like to use blurring primers. My favorite one at the moment (has been for a while now), is this one. It also really helps with the longevity of my makeup! A drugstore alternative is this one. I put this primer in my T-zone to help blur out those pores. After that, I go in with MAC strobe cream all over my face to add some glow. I swear by this stuff, and I even wear it on days that I don’t wear makeup. The last thing I do for that extra punch of glow and hydration, is add MAC fix+ goldlite. This is optional to achieve a glowy look, but it definitely helps!

Foundation & Concealer: The foundation I have been LOVING at the moment is the Too Faced Born this Way foundation. I use the shade “Natural Beige” and it’s the perfect shade for me when I am freshly self-tanned. I love this foundation because it isn’t super matte but it isn’t dewy. It is very full coverage and applies so nicely. For concealer, I use my all-time favorite Tarte Shape Tape in the shades “light neutral” & “fair neutral”, depending on my self tan. A drugstore alternative to this concealer is the NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop concealer. I use the shade “light ivory”. These two concealers are both very full coverage and last all day without creasing. I blend out my foundation and concealer with this beauty sponge from Amazon. I have tried so many beauty sponges and this one is by far the best “dupe” for the Beauty Blender. Plus, they come in a pack of 5 for $8.99!

Cream Contour: I use Benefit’s Hoola Quickie Contour Stick for a quick cream contour/bronzer situation. I love doing this to quickly bring everything together. If you watched my tutorial, you saw that I got pretty messy with this product and that’s because its very easy to blend out! You don’t have to worry about being precise. To blend it out, I like to use a Morphe E8 brush.

Powder: To set my under eye, t-zone, and eyelids, I have been LOVING the Too Faced Born This Way powder. I have to set my t-zone to prevent my skin from getting too oily, and I like to set my under eye and eyelids to prevent creasing. I use the shade “translucent”. I use my beauty sponge to apply the powder to really press the powder into my skin and make it appear more “skin-like” for lack of a better word!

Bronzer: To set that cream contour, one of my favorite bronzers is this one. I use the shade “bronze 02”. I have been using this one for over a year. I love the way it looks, especially for summer! A drugstore option that I love is this one. I use a big fluffy brush to apply the bronzer to my forehead, cheeks, and jaw, in a “3” motion. Using the same bronzer, I take a fluffy crease brush and apply the bronzer to my nose to add some color to the center of the face. Then I use that same brush and same bronzer and add it to the crease of my eye for a super easy eye look!

Highlight: The highlight I normally use, and constantly get asked about from my IG stories is the Kylie Cosmetics loose highlight in the shade “King”. Unfortunately, that one is no longer available so I am linking a similar shade here. This highlight is sort of easy to go overboard with, but it is easy to blend out and looks GORGEOUS once you get it down! I apply highlight to my cheek bones, nose, cupids bow, brow bone, and inner corner of my eye. The point of highlight is to bring certain areas forward, so you definitely want to be sure your applying it in the correct areas!

Blush: If you have been following me for a while, you know my go-to is a coral/peachy blush. But here recently, I have been loving this one. It is a duo with one metallic shade and one matte shade. I use the matte shade more often, but every now and then I lightly swoop the metallic shade over my cheeks for a little extra dimension.

Mist: This product is a GAME CHANGER! Trust me when I tell you that you need this Farsali Rose Gold 24K skin mist. It helps to set all the powders to make your skin look and feel more like skin again, and also makes your skin look super glowy and healthy. After I apply it, I press it into the skin with my beauty sponge. It adds that final touch that you need!

Brows: For brows, I’ve been loving a more natural and effortless look lately. The ABH dipbrow gel and MAC Eyebrows Styler definitely help me achieve that look. I use the shade “blonde” in the dipbrow and “stylized” in the eyebrows styler.

Eyeliner: It’s rare that you’ll see me without a wing for eyeliner. To acheive that look, I love using the Benefit Roller Liner in the shade “Black”. A tip I have is to start your wing a little further than where your eye actually starts (I show this better in my IG stories!) to make your eyes look a little bigger.

Lashes: I used to apply false lashes almost every day. Now, thanks to my favorite lash primer and mascara my lashes look so long and voluminous! I curl my lashes first, then apply the lash primer and let it dry for about 15 seconds, then apply my mascara. I have used this lash primer with so many mascaras (drug store and high end), and it seriously amplifies any mascara! It’s another game changer!

Lips: I switch my lip color up day-to-day but I have to mention on of my favorite lip liners that I wear everyday. The lip liner that I can literally pair with any lip is this one in the shade “D Minor”. I love how creamy and easy to apply it is!

Setting spray: Lastly, I finish everything up with my Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray. This stuff is like hairspray for your face! It locks everything in as a final touch.

That’s it! Again, to see the tutorial it is saved under my Instagram highlights as “Dewy Makeup Tut”! If you have any questions about certain products/shades feel free to comment or DM me!

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